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the learning laboratory at the end of the universe...


When I work in Cafes, I write in long hand in a hardcovered, unlined notebook, usually with a fountain pen.  That way, I can sketch as well as write, without having to worry about carrying too much gear, since there's almost always a camera in my rucksack.


This one WAS Called Vincent.  It's changed hands and names three times since the Spring of 2005, but it was my first watering hole and studio in 2003 when I first visited NRW. As of April, 2010, it's empty again.  Sad for the best terrace with the greatest trees in all of Herford.

As of May, 2011, it's back, as the Schwarzer Ritter (the Black Knight), a name it had for many years before I got here.




Table of Contents

(I changed it from essays because they're not)

The Stone Street Report
or,what's happening on Steinstrasse

April 2010

Why I Write


First Lines

a collection of potential stories as defined
by their first line




not everything i write is serious.  it's more or less dependent on the trend of my mindset.  If I'm getting depressed, it's going to be depressing.  If I'm getting over a depression, it's going to be somewhat goofy.  If I'm somewhere in between, there's no guessing what you're going to find.  Take your chances.

this is not a note. think about it. it is, however, a link.






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