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the learning laboratory at the end of the universe
As a Zen Man, I don't get too carried away by space and time.  There is a saying 'it's all the one suchness'.

Don't ask me about the one suchness, I'm a beginner.

As a social scientist, I think a lot about the near term future (not mine, but the planet's) and I speculate about when, and if, the technological singularity will arrive, and what it will bring.

In grad school, I posited that artificial intelligence required a deep understanding of the associative principle and the Jungian model of the collective unconscious.

I still believe this to be true and still work on the ways this can be explained and described.  These stories are spin-offs of that thinking.
I see a conflict between the singularitarian thoughts about transhumans and augmented intelligence humans and my own goal of transcending the limitations of ordinary mind by becoming enlightened.  Like many of these stories, I am a work in progress.

The way I look at transcendence, it's a multi-level quest for a switch that turns off ordinary mind and all of its distractions and turns on access to the collective unconscious.  There is a large body of anecdotal evidence to support the hypothesis, which is to say, at our current level of understanding, it's like trying to prove the existence of God-a shot in the dark.

Which leads to discussions of faith, belief, and nothingness.  Don't get too nervous, I'm just chewing my cud, I won't try to sell you anything.