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The East End of the Island

Świnoujście was called Swinemünde by the Germans (still is) and was the base of operation for submarine transport as opposed to warfare.  It lies on the islands of Usedom, Wolin, and several smaller islands, which makes it a good place for mucking about with submarines.  It was also a good place to build aircraft carriers and other big things that float around the ocean trying to kill people.  Hanging around Nazi military bases was not a good idea, so the team went to a restaurant they knew the German officers liked to hang around in. Jack thought this was great, and compared it to Rick's in Casablanca.  Bubba reminded him there were neither Swedes nor Frenchmen present and the piano was playing the Horst Wessel song.  That was when he noticed that Bubba was speaking German and so was he.  He had always liked this mystical stuff and was starting to like it even more. Leocardia had worked her way to a table with two submarine officers at it and was now doing a Marlene Dietrich act, out vamping the vamp.  Her work was fruitful and the information she brought home, as well as Bubba's ability to hear everything within a ten yard radius and remember it all told the story.

Himmler had sent out expeditions to the Himalayas, the Pyramids, the jungles of South America, as well as Antarctica in search of every artifact of legendary properties including the Holy Grail.  Harrison Ford was to benefit greatly from these massive operations in later years.  Of the holy things they found, some were junk, some were fakes, and some scared the heck out of Jack.  They were all stored in bunkers deep below the Castle of Wewelsburg in the Rhineland.  Jack had been there, although never in this time frame.  Two U-boats had been assigned to carry one artifact each to a secret base in Antarctica.  The artifacts were the sacred lance that had been used to pierce Christ's side at the crucifixion and the cube, which was a Rubic's cube made out of gold and platinum, except that it had 2196 different squares instead of fifty-four and instead of primary colors, there were varying shades of platinum and gold.  A tough nut to crack, indeed, thought Jack.  Bubba said it was easy, but getting the secret out of the thing once you'd aligned the thing was not so easy.  That, and the fact that the lance had a tendency to kill anyone who tried to do nasty stuff with it, were probably why Himmler wanted to hide them until after the war when he could convince some kind and mystically soul to help him unleash miracles and wonders on the world.  In one alternate reality, when the thousand year reich actually lasted almost that long until is was brought down by a rabbi from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Bubba was the sap that Himmler had chosen.  It didn't work, which is why Bubba had organized this mission.

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