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the learning laboratory at the end of the universe


Some days, you wake up miserable.  Without a hangover, without a cold, without symptoms of any severe mental disorder other than life itself.  You know you won't be doing any soul-searching today, because you don't really care whether or not you have one.  You probably won't be learning anything either, unless there's an intervention by angels and saints.

It's a day for wandering the city streets looking for a place where other miserable people are sitting miserably in the ugliness of their own existence.  When you find it, you sit, drink coffee, scribble notes and sketches, and finally you think. And thinking makes you remember that tomorrow is another day.  That won't be much fun either. You'll have to find another café, another iteration of the endless wandering through mind and city and city and mind.  Switch from coffee to beer.  Make thought fuzzy, logic ill.  Remove yourself from reality and then, go home.  Sleep it off.  Do it again.