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A Possible Introduction

'In the beginning, there was the bit and the bit was made byte and the byte became baud and together they brought forth particles and forces and the greatest of all algorithms, life.'
From 'The Book of Transhumanity'

The optimism shown at the early stages of the 21st Century for the coming age of enlightenment, whether it be in the form of a Technological or Informational Singularity, the Second Coming of Christ, or even Armageddon, fell apart when a small group of time travelers came and went through the minds of the leaders of each of these schools of thought erasing their illusions and reprogramming them with the parable of the Yellow House.

The Yellow House is where each of us lives.  It is neither here nor there, reality or illusion, it is one and it is big.  The story of how these travelers met and wrote the story is the story of the Yellow House and the creation myths it engenders when a traveler loses its way.  It is the story of the gods and the names of gods and it is the story of psychology, to be exact, the story of the collective unconscious and its effect on perception. Perception, as the travelers teach us, is the illusion that we are separate entities affected by local phenomena and subject to the laws of causality.  It is a good, and useful tool in understanding the eternity that is now, but it must be transcended through the inner journey.  To most seeking fame or fortune or salvation, thought, in its purest form, is frightening.  We do not love a reality in which we are cogs in a machine, cells in a larger organism, or footnotes in history.  Arriving at the Yellow House dispels the need for ego and without ego, there are no banks, no churches, no military.  There is just the one.  And the one is the Yellow House.

Travel with our friends can be enjoyable, or frightening, depending on your level of trust and acceptance in their abilities to interpret the signs which deposit themselves in the pathway of perception in order to guide us home.  In this world, as in all of the worlds through us and with us and in us you are the creator.  You may paint the Yellow House any color you please.  I am orthodox.  In this text, I've painted it Yellow.