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the learning laboratory at the end of the universe..........

Arnsberg:  a city in the Sauerland, a more mountainous region of Nordrhein-Westfalen, with a great old town, a castle ruin, and a fine monastery.

Kloster Dalheim:  a newly restored monastery south of here.

Göttingen: a university city in Niedersachen.  I liked it, but there weren't as many shots as I'd have like to have....

a wild animal park.  Wild boars, to be exact.

Altenbeken: a small town with a big railroad viaduct.

Burg Vlotho: just up the tracks from Herford, pretty town.

Herforder Vision: pageant, parade, religious ceremony, and bratwurst stands celebrating the apparition of the Virgin Mary to a shepherd (or a beggar) on the Lutteberg in Herford. More detail here.

Warburg: a beautiful city, with great architecture, scenic views, and a Burg ruin that's worth the effort!

Doors and Other Things to Go Through: a collection of portals, not unlike seeing a beautiful woman in a café and wondering what's on the other side....

copyright © 2005-2009 John Zavacki (the elder) Herford, Germany