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the learning laboratory at the end of the universe...

1 August 2009
I'm working at cleaning up my notebooks from the last five (maybe it's ten) years and putting it all on line.  In between rewrites and living a normal (for me) life, there are new ideas being massaged and new stories being written.  You've got to understand, it's not so easy to be a young writer when your 63rd birthday is this month....

11 April 2010
There are a few new stories here, but the notebooks are still waiting to  be cleaned up.  I had a bad winter and spent most of my time drinkin beer!  I'm back on track now, writin, editing, and carving wood. I've got a couple of sacks of Linden (basswood) and some very sharp tools.  The introspection that comes with carving helps with the writing.

20 May 2010
My grandson, Gideon, was born on 2 April, 2010 and I started carving his guardian angel the next day.  A nerve in my elbow has gone phlooey and I need to have it fixed.  Short operation, long (6 months) recovery.  I don't have good fine motor control in the right hand, so the details are going to suffer if I try.  Best to rough out some new stuff.

29 July 2013
Hand healed, Gideon's Angel carved.  I'm about two years late with this update.  Otherwise, I've gotten to be a pretty boring guy.....

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