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And Now, for Something Totally Different

sometimes, you just get tired of doing the same thing over and over and calling it something else, so you pretend you're sane and start typing....
these stories are from the Yellow House notebooks, notes, and may or may not be connected to the whole

A Possible Introduction

Dark but not Night

The East end of the Island

Just Short Stories

some of this stuff is just rant, some of it is an actual attempt to be creative, it's no easier for me to tell the difference between the two than it is to tell the difference between today and yesterday.  you're the reader, figure it out.

Zen Puppy

The Mountain

Mack's Dream

Summer on the Hill

A Desultory Tale of a Purposeless Existence


Gun Store


Light Bulb

Forty days and forty nights

11 O'clock, Every Morning

The Writer

At the End of the Street

 Under the Umbrella


When We Were...

The Altar Boy

Odd Stuff 

About the Short Stories 


copyright : john zavacki (the elder)

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