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the learning laboratory at the end of the universe...
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The Other John Zavacki
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Photos from Poznan
I'm going to try something different.  I'm going to write, edit, and then publish....

I've gone from art to science and back again so many times it is no longer a journey so much as a convergence. Things happen with or without a plan.  People change, ideas change.  The only absolute is........

I think the lessons I have learned from living have all had to do with change and adapting to it. I have sometimes been angry with a change, but eventually, learned how to use it.  A simple phrase from an old master says it all..... one suchness.

Learning is the key to existence which is the key to learning.  No existence, no learning.  No learning, no existence.  So I would like to keep learning.  Sometimes I like to teach a little bit, too.  Bear with me.  You can always click another link to find yourself somewhere else......

What you'll find here are short stories, photos, and the fragments of a (some) novel(s).  If you have comments or criticisms (all are appreciated) send me an email with your thoughts.

life is a series of coincidences followed by another one
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